Centre for Sustainable Impact
/pour l'impact durable (CSIID)

What is CSIID?

The Centre for Sustainable Impact/pour l’impact durable (CSIID) is a Telfer faculty centre with the strategic aim of advancing sustainable business practices that benefit society and the environment. Through research, education, and outreach, CSIID seeks to create positive impacts for both current and future generations.

CSIID co-leadership team

We are working to ensure that responsible management principles are taught and shared across academic programs, incorporated into alumni activities, and put forward to improve the sustainability of our management school.

Dr. Sharon O'Sullivan
Dr. Daina Mazutis
Dr. R Sandra Scillo
Dr. Darlene Himick

The centre also has core faculty members, and a wider circle of supporting staff…

Projects and publications

Between 2019 and 2022, Telfer faculty published over 80 papers that covered a broad range of topics related to the SDGs from social responsibility in small businesses to the global refugee crisis and everything in between


Every project needs it...

We’re involved in research projects that have received over $25 million in external funding, made possible by an extensive network of research partners from across the globe.

Our faculty are also working on important topics ranging from supporting gender equality in the workforce to enabling sustainability in supply chains.

The Telfer School of Management has also supported this work with over $140K in internal grants.

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