Our faculty have also been involved in research projects that have received over $25 million in external funding. This is a remarkable success, made possible by an extensive network of research partners from across the globe. Our faculty are working on important topics ranging from supporting gender equality in the workforce to enabling sustainability in supply chains. The Telfer School of Management has also supported this work with over $140K in internal grants.

External Grants Received

Author(s) Date Title Funding Source SDG Amount
Toubiana, M. 2020 COVID-19 and Entrepreneurship in Alberta University of Alberta, Endowment Fund for the Future $7,000
Toubiana, M. 2020 COVID-19 and Entrepreneurship in Alberta University of Alberta, Kule Dialogue Grant $2,000
Toubiana, M. 2020 Entrepreneurship and Taboo: Identifying an Alternate Pathway to Social and Cultural Change University of Alberta Killam Cornerstone Grant Program $25,193
Karam, C. 2021 Employer consultations on Lebanon’s recent Anti-Sexual Harassment Law UN Development Programme (UNDP) $38,667
Marques, J-C. 2021 Supply chain sustainability and risk management in the post-Covid context: Assessing and deploying industry 4.0 solutions MITACS & Bonjour Startup Montréal $15,000
Mulvey, M. 2021 Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County (DSORC) Dementia613 Website and Marketing MITACS $10,000
Riaz, S. 2017-2020 Incubating for Social Impact: Entrepreneurship amidst Shifting Institutional Logics SSHRC $50,242
Schillo, R.S. 2017-2021 Assessing the Readiness of Canadian Small- and Medium- Sized Enterprises to Leverage Big Data Analytics SSHRC $119,000
Chelli, M. & Ben Amar. W. 2018-2020 Corporate Water Performance, Market Valuation and Cost of Equity Capital SSHRC $43,402
Ding, S. & Li, T. 2018-2020 Impact Investing by Private Foundations SSHRC $65,372
Karam, C. 2018-2020 Female Academic Role Models – Institution U. Nacional De Educacion Euro Erasmus+ CBHE Project $133,149
Nitani, M. 2018-2020 Over-confidence and Financial Decisions among Self-employed Canadians SSHRC $34,000
Karam, C. 2018-2022 Strengthening Women’s Contribution to the Economy in the MENA: KIP Index U.S. Dept of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Federal Assistance Award $1,933,687
Nitani, M. 2018-2022 Drawing upon the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: SMEs, Capital Suppliers, and Public Policy SSHRC $80,445
Himick, D. 2018-2023 The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement SSHRC $98,224
O’Sullivan, S. 2018-2023 The Dynamics of Indigenous Developmental Relationships for Environmental Work: Bridging micro and macro levels of analysis SSHRC $133,405
Schillo, R.S. 2018-2023 Partnership for the Organization of Innovation and New Technologies (4POINT0) SSHRC $2,499,723
Donia, M. 2019-2021 A Business Case for Protecting Human Rights SSHRC $54,763
Karam, C. 2019-2022 Strengthening Women’s Contributions to the MENA Economy: SAWI Project U.S. Dept of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Federal Assistance Award $3,867,000
Peredo, A.M. 2019-2022 Oil Palm in water territories: the impacts of crop expansion on water resources and local livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon SSHRC $74,998
Riaz, S. 2019-2022 Who Bridges Across Social Divides? SPARC ( Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration) $175,960
Ben Amar, W. 2020-2021 Covid-19 and Organizational Resilience: Does Corporate Adaptation to Climate Change Pay in Troubled Times? Agence Nationale de la recherche (ANR), France $70,016
Himick, D. 2020-2021 Modern Slavery Disclosures CPA – Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre $6,000
Karam, C. 2020-2021 Mobilizing employers for the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law in Lebanon UN Women Award $54,068
Karam, C. 2020-2021 Critical feminist review of literature on entrepreneurship in developing countries University Research Board (URB), American University of Beirut $13,276
Peredo, A.M. 2020-2021 Blueprint for an inclusive and sustainable recovery SSHRC $24,996
Schillo, R.S. 2020-2021 Living Within the Earth’s Carrying Capacity: What are the knowledge gaps for evaluating the social impacts and effectiveness of “Living Labs” focused on environmental and agricultural sustainability? SSHRC $50,000
Schillo, R.S. 2020-2021 Small and Medium Enterprises in a Covid19 context: Ecosystem business intelligence for increased resilience; partner: Bivizio MITACS    $45,000
Schillo, R.S. 2020-2021 Food Convergence and Integrity Canada; partners: PIC Supercluster, Bivizio, CTAQ MITACS    $115,000
Ben Amar, W. 2020-2022 Climate-Related Disclosures, Risk Financial Materiality and Capital Market Outcomes CPA – Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre $5,000
Ben Amar, W. 2020-2022 Do Investors Care more or less about Climate Change in a Post-Pandemic World? Europlace Institute of Finance $14,724
Ben Amar, W. 2020-2022 Trouver réponse à un défi planétaire : gouvernance d’entreprise, motivations et pressions pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre SSHRC $48,264
Durocher, S. 2020-2022 A stakeholders’ perspective on modern slavery in the Canadian context CPA Canada $5,000
Ge, W. 2020-2022 An Investigation into Climate Risk, Analyst Forecast, and Corporate Sustainability Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba $30,000
Kouamé, S. 2020-2022 In Search of Greater Social Impacts: The Challenge of Innovation in UN Agencies SSHRC $42,478
Mazutis, D. 2020-2022 The business of accelerating sustainable urban transformations in Canada SSHRC $41,914
Chkir, I. & Chourou, L. 2020-2023 Determinants and Implications of Cyberattacks on Private Sector CPA Canada $5,000
Hajmohammad, S. 2020-2023 Operations of high-performing charities: A mixed-method research project SSHRC $59,376
Riaz, S. 2020-2023 Organizing to address societal challenges: Insights from multiple stakeholder interventions for education among the marginalized SSHRC $38,289
Chkir, I. & Ben Amar, W. 2020-2024 The effect of formal and informal institutions on corporate innovation: The case of gender diversity, state ownership and political connection SSHRC $65,884
Karam, C. 2021-2022 SAWT: Supporting Arab Women at the Table (Leadership Fellowship program Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq), with Arab Reform Initiative European Commission (EU) Women as Actors in Peace Processes $289,370
Karam, C. 2021-2022 Strengthening Women’s Contributions to the MENA Economy: Gender-lens Investing U.S. Dept of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Federal Assistance Award $644,440
Mulvey, M. 2021-2022 Canadians D-AIRing to Travel: Air Travel and Passengers Living with Dementia Transport Canada $39,750
Peredo, A.M. 2021-2022 Walking in two worlds, co-creating a two-eyed seeing approach to research training SSHRC $24,000
Schillo, R.S. 2021-2022 Weaving Indigenous perspectives and educational approaches into an online entrepreneurship course e-campus Ontario $75,000
Ben Amar, W. 2021-2023 Intégration des enjeux climatiques dans les états financiers Autorité des Normes Comptables, France $71,578
Chkir, I. 2021-2023 Government Ownership and Off-balance-sheet Activities: International Evidence from the Banking Industry CPA Canada $5,000
Peredo, A.M. 2021-2023 Two-Eyed Seeing, Grand Challenges and Wicked Problems: Indigenous-led Responses to the Neoliberal Restructuring of Cities and Urban Centres SSHRC $245,936
Rajaiya, H. 2021-2023 How do CSR-Related Activities Affect the Future Financial and Economic Performance of Private Firms SSHRC $47,933
Schillo, R.S. 2021-2023 Food Convergence and Integrity Canada PIC Supercluster $2,600,000
Toubiana, M. 2021-2023 Cannabis in the closet? Seniors’ perceptions of stigma and their influence on use and access to medicinal cannabis SSHRC $70,550
Patrick, J. & Sauré, A. 2021-2024 Resilience and Adaptation to Climatic Extreme (RACE) Wildfires (Research initiative with a budget of $1,921,000 dollars) National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Small Teams Initiative $75,004
Hajmohammad, S. 2021-2025 Enhancing supply chain resilience to extreme weather events SSHRC $206,647
Marques, J-C. 2021-2026 Global sustainability standards in national context: comparing business-government interactions in Argentina, Brazil and Canada SSHRC $171,118
Mazutis, D. 2021-2026 Getting to One Planet Living: How construction and development leaders are tackling climate change SSHRC $166,019
Schillo, R.S. 2021-2027 Investing in science-based solutions to improve health and well-being in urban areas Canadian Institutes of Health Research $4,950,000
McIlkenny, P 2022-2023 Audit committee diversity and earnings management CPA – Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre $5,000
Mulvey, M. 2022-2023 Dementia Inclusive Business Strategies (DIBS) Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility $25,000
Chen, Q., Chourou, L. & Ding, S. 2022-2024 Sustainable Inventory Management: The Role of Taxes in Corporate Inventory Donations SSHRC $69,425
Mulvey, M. 2022-2024 They say that I’m vulnerable’: older adults’ perceptions of disaster resilience and pandemic-related media discourse SSHRC $191,977
Schillo, R.S. 2022-2024 Beyond endless frontiers: rethinking the social contract for science and innovation SSHRC $168,780
Karam, C. 2022-2025 Strengthening Women’s Contributions to the MENA Economy: Implementation of Inclusive HR Policies U.S. Dept of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Federal Assistance Award $4,500,000
Mulvey, M. 2022-2025 Stronger Together: Making Ottawa and Renfrew County Dementia Inclusive Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) $693,296
Chourou, L., Lamine, W. & Qi,  C. 2022-2026 Cyberattacks on Private Sector: Determinants and Consequences SSHRC $62,250
Toubiana, M. 2022-2027 Stigma For Social Change? Exploring Stigma-Exploiting Entrepreneurship As A Pathway For Social Change SSHRC $204,125
Total External Telfer CSIID Grants 2019-2022+ $25,797,713
Note: This list includes Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator and Collaborator awards.

Internal Grants Received

Author(s) Date Title Funding Source SDG Amount
Ben Amar, W. 2019 Climate Change Disclosures in Family Firms Telfer SMRG $4,000
Hajmohammad, S. 2019 Supplier sustainability risk management Telfer Start Up Fund $30,000
Wright, D.  2019 Competitive analysis of microtracked concentrating solar modules UROP $1,000
Akyol, A. 2020 The Dark Side of High Frequency Trading: Increasing Costs for Firms Repurchasing Shares Telfer SMRG $8,005
Qi, C. 2020 Artificial Intelligence for Labor Market Equality Telfer SMRG $13,000
Mulvey, M. 2021 A Netnographic Approach to Identifying the Barriers that Persons with Dementia and their Air Travel Companions Face Telfer SMRG $10,000
O’Sullivan, S. 2021 Beyond First Contact: How could a Situated Learning Program for Environmental Sustainability accelerate Social Innovation for Indigenous Reconciliation? Telfer SMRG $12,896
Rajaiya, H. 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities by Firms and Seasoned Equity Offerings Telfer SMRG $14,832
Rajaiya, H. 2021 Digital Infrastructure and Entrepreneurship Telfer Responsible Wealth Creation $9,500
Akyol, A. 2022 Board Connections and Earnings Guidance Withdrawals During the Covid-19 Pandemic Telfer SMRG $14,304
Li, T. 2022 The Impact of Environmental Sustainability Policy Arbitrage: International Evidence Telfer SMRG $15,000
Marques, J-C. 2018-2020 Sustainability Standards in Global Industries: A Comparative Analysis University of Ottawa, Research Development Program (RDP) $10,000
Total Telfer CSIID Internal Grants 2019-2022+ $142,537


The more than 80 papers Telfer faculty published between 2019-2022 covered a broad range of topics related to the SDG from social responsibility in small businesses to the global refugee crisis and everything in between. The following table details these achievements and links these to relevant SDGs:


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Author(s) Date Title Journal SDG
Ben Abdesslem, R., Chkir, I. and Dabbou, H. 2022 Is managerial ability a moderator? The effect of credit risk and liquidity risk on the likelihood of bank default  International Review of Financial Analysis
Ben Amar, W., Bujaki, M.L., McConomy, B.J. and McIlkenny, P.  2022 Disclosure Transparency and Impression Management: A Textual Analysis of Board Gender Diversity Disclosures in Canada Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management.
Ben Amar, W., Chen, Q., Ding, S. and Quon, T.K.S. 2022 The Impact of Accounting Information and its Quality on Government Funding to Nonprofit Organizations VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations
Ben Amar, W., Comyns, B. and Martinez, I.  2022 The COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunity or Challenge for Climate Change Risk Disclosure?  Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
Ben Amar, W., Gomes, M., Khursheed, H. and Marsat, S. 2022 Climate Change Exposure and Internal Carbon Pricing Adoption Business Strategy and the Environment
Böhm, S., et al. (Karam, C., Riaz, S.) 2022 Ethics at the Centre of Global and Local Challenges: Thoughts on the Future of Business Ethics  Journal of Business Ethics
Chkir, I. and Toukabri, M.  2022  Do politically connected firms borrow cheaply? Evidence from two post U.S. election campaigns Applied Economics Letters
Combs, J., Jaskiewicz, P., Ravi, R. and Walls, J.  2022 More bang for their buck: Why (and when) family firms better leverage CSR Journal of Management
Creed, W.E.D., Gray, B., Hollerer, M.A., Karam, C.M. and Reay, T.  2022 Organizing for Social and Institutional Change in Response to Disruption, Division and Displacement: Introduction to the Special Issue Organization Studies
Hitti, E., Hadid, D., Khoury, S.J., Tamim, H., Makki, M. and Karam, C.M.  2022 Domestic Tethers: Gender Differences in Career Paths and Domestic Responsibilities of Top-Research Medical School Graduates Frontiers in Education
Lam J., Mulvey M.S., and Robson K.  2022 Looking through the Glassdoor: The stories that B2B salespeople tell Industrial Marketing Management
Martinez, D. and Himick, D.  2022 Accounting in (direct) action: Prefiguring emancipation in accounting research Critical Perspectives on Accounting
Mazutis, D. and Sweet, L.  2022 The business of accelerating sustainable urban development: A systematic review and synthesis Journal of Cleaner Production
Mazutis, D., Hanly, K. and Eckardt, A.  2022 Sustainability (in not) in the boardroom: Evidence and implications of attentional voids Sustainability
Perez-Aleman, P., & Ferretti, T.  2022 Creating innovation capabilities for improving global health: Inventing technology for neglected tropical diseases in Brazil Journal of International Business Policy
Rostamkalaei, A., Nitani, M. and Riding, A.L.  2022 Self-employment, financial knowledge, and retirement planning Journal of Small Business Management

Legendre, N., Nitani, M. and Riding, A.L.
2021 Are franchises really more viable? Evidence from Loan Defaults Journal of Business Research
Ben Amar, W., Bujaki, M.L., McConomy, B.J. and McIlkenny, P.  2021 Gendering Merit: How the Discourse of Merit in Diversity Disclosures Supports the Gendered Status Quo on Canadian Corporate Boards.  Critical Perspectives on Accounting
Ben Amar, W., Francoeur, C., Marsat, S. and Wahid Sijamic, A. 2021 How Do Firms Achieve Corporate Social Performance? An Integrated Perspective.  Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
Boubakri, N., Chkir, I.E., Saadi, S. and Zhu, H.  2021 Does National Culture affect Corporate Innovation? International Evidence Journal of Corporate Finance
Branzei, O., & Fathallah, R. 2021 The End of Resilience? Managing Vulnerability Through Temporal Resourcing and Resisting Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Brown, T., Caruana, A., Mulvey, M.S. and Pitt, L.  2021 Understanding the Emotions of those with a Gambling Disorder: Insights from Automated Text Analysis Journal of Gambling Issues
Bui, T., Chelli, M. and Houqe, N.  2021 Climate Change Disclosure Ratings: The Ideological Play Meditari Accountancy Research
Bujaki, M., Himick, D. and Paquette, S.  2021  Fostering the Mental Health of Accountants: Recent Initiatives and Research ThinkTwenty20
Chkir, I., El Haj Hassan, B., Rjiba, H. and Saadi, S.  2021 Does Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Corporate Innovation? International Evidence Emerging Markets Review
Chourou, L., Grira, J. and Saadi, S.  2021 Does empathy matter in corporate social responsibility? Evidence from emerging markets Emerging Markets Review
Chourou, L., Purda, L. and Saadi, S.  2021 Economic Policy Uncertainty and Analysts’ Forecast Characteristics  Journal of Accounting and Public Policy
Corner, A.J., Liu, L. , Bird, A. 2021 Intercultural competencies for emerging markets: A contextualized approach International Business Review
Ebrahimi, H.P., Schillo, R.S. and Bronson, K.  2021 Systematic Stakeholder Inclusion in Digital Agriculture: A Framework and Application to Canada Sustainability
Georgieva, V., Nitani, M. and Riding, A.L. 2021 Budgeting and Gender: Employees and Self-Employed Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal
Hajmohammad, S., Shevchenko, A. and Vachon, S. 2021 Addressing supplier sustainability misconducts: Response strategies to nonmarket stakeholder contentions  International Journal of Operations and Production Management
Kouamé, S., Hafsi, T., Oliver, D., & Langley, A. 2021 Creating and Sustaining Stakeholder Emotional Resonance with Organizational Identity in Social Mission-Driven Organizations Academy of Management Journal
Maaloul, A., Zéghal, D., Ben Amar, W. and Mansour, S.  2021 The effect of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and disclosure on cost of debt: The mediating effect of corporate reputation Corporate Reputation Review
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Nitani, M. and Legendre, N. 2021 Cooperative lenders and the performance of small business loans Journal of Banking & Finance
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Amin, A., Chourou, L., Kamal, S., Malik, M. and Zhao, Y.  2020 It’s who you know that counts: Board connectedness and CSR performance Journal of Corporate Finance
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Ben Amor, S., Frini, A. and Reinhardt, G.  2020 Preface: multiple criteria decision making for sustainable decisions Annals of Operations Research
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Goethals, L. , Barth, N., Hupin, D., Mulvey, M.S., Roche, F., Gallopel-Morvan, K. and Bongue, B.  2020 Social Marketing Interventions to Promote Physical Activity Among 60 Years and Older: A Systematic Review of the Literature.  BMC Public Health
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Riaz, S.    2020 Rebuilding with ethics: Engaging with global issues during the covid-19 crisis Journal of Business Ethics
Rostamkalaei, A., Nitani, M. and Riding, A.L.  2020 Borrower discouragement: the role of informal turndowns Small Business Economics
Wright, D.J., Liu, L., Parvan, L., Majumdar, Z. and Giebink, N.C.  2020 Economic Analysis of a Novel Design of Micro-tracked CPV Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications
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Wright, D.J.  2019 Closed Form Analytic Solution for Diffuse Irradiance on a Tilted Photovoltaic Collector IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
* Note: Does not include research published by new faculty while at previous institutions.    

Book Chapters

Author(s) Year Title Book SDG
Himick, D., Vinnari, E.  2022 Counter Accounts, Accountability and Governance Edward Elgar Handbook of Accounting, Accountability and Governance 
Marques, J.C., Litrico, J.B., van Wijk, J. 2022 Overlooked Goliaths: The Prominence of Business Associations in International CSR Governance Research Handbook on International Corporate Social Responsibility (Edward Elgar)
Mulvey M.S., Padgett D, and Lever M. 2022 Sustaining Travel Dreams in Retirement: Guidance at the Crossroads Well-Being in Older Life: The Notion of Connected Autonomy
Soliman, M. and Ben Amar, W.  2022 Corporate Governance and Narrative Disclosure Features: A Literature Review Corporate Narrative Reporting Beyond the Numbers (Routledge)
Himick, D.  2021 Bringing the Ethics of Things to Accounting Research Handbook on Accounting and Ethics
Karam, C.M. and Ghanem, M.  2021 Understanding Diversity in the Lebanese Workplace: Legal Protections in the Context of Protracted Crises and Occupation. I Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Under Researched Countries (Edward Elgar)
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Zander et al. (O’Sullivan, S.) 2020 Action Intent: Getting closer to leadership behavior in 22 countries Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a difference (Edward Elgar)
Riaz, S.  2019 The Inequality-Aware Organization Rethinking Strategic Management: Competing Through a Sustainability Mindset (Springer)